is a Data Quality Firewall, Data Quality Monitor and ETL middleware to manage data streams on the fly.

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The problem

Millions of data streams are coming in your system and you realized there is too much garbage inside.

The solution

Instead of cleaning your db when it's too late, why don't you block the bad data before they occur? SeerDataCruncher is built to do that. Protect the quality of your data in real-time.

How to use

After Installation, you have to configure and certify the source data, the data type and the values expected using a simple web interface (no technical skill required).
Like a network firewall, when it's up and running you don't know what is going on in background but with SeerDataCruncher you have an amazing dashboard to manage and view everything.


In 2014, Alfredo Gemma and Mario Altimari founded foreSEE-Revolution, the parent-company of, where SeerDataCruncher is applied within our Enterprise edition of SEE-R.
We decided to offer the community this technology, hoping it will prove useful in the fight against data-corruption.


Check out our documentation or contact support and we’ll help you sort it out.


For a better understanding of the "thickness" of the product, here a bit of numbers.